• First Day of at Lynbrook High School

    The first step into manhood.
  • Period: to

    Lynbrook Marching Band

    Partaking in marching band for the first time
  • League Championships for JV Basketball

    First year on Lynbrook's boy basketball team and achieved first place in the league.
  • Performance at State Convention for Lynbrook Wind Ensemble

    CBDA for Wind Ensemble at Fresno
  • Official VP for Lynbrook Red Cross Club

    VP of Lynbrook Red Cross who is in charge of finding and sorting all club events
  • 132,2009th person to receive Aikido Martial Arts Blackbelt

    After 6 years of Aikiido discipline, I finally received my blackbelt.
  • Period: to

    Most interesting substitute teacher I've had

    Substitutue teacher for Japanese 3 because the teacher was on maternity leave.
  • Obtained Driver's License

    Alex is on the road.
  • Junior Prom

    First formal dance and first time in limo.
  • Finished all my college applications

    Finished the last of the applications
  • First cell phone!

    Finally got my first cell phone and connect with my friends through talk and text.
  • AP Japanese SF Trip

    AP Japanese went to San Francisco to learn about the Tea Ceremony
  • Made it to the final round of Spoons/Assassins

    made it to finals
  • Senior Prom

    On a boat in San Francisco