2013 clip art


By ghe5
  • Born

    I was born at 1:30 in the morning on a Wednesday.
  • Max dies

    My old dog, Max died when I was in Kindergarten
  • Rascal

    I brought my puppy, Rascal, home. He was so scared!
  • Broken Arm

    I broke my arm in first grade when I fell off the monkey bars at K-2 playground
  • National Writing Contest

    I won a national writing contest in third grade! Only ten people in the country won!
  • Clare

    My neighbor, Clare, moved here from Chicago a year ago.
  • Spelling Bee

    I came in sixth place in my schools spelling bee in fourth grade, it was pretty fun!
  • Alex

    My baby cousin, Alex, was born right after Valentines Day!
  • Hawaii

    I went to Hawaii right after school got out, it rocked!
  • Sister

    My sister left for college last month, I miss her a lot, but we still talk.