8C/Precious ~ Independent Reading #1 "The Legend of Zelda~A Link to the past" by Akira Hemikawa

Timeline created by PreciousF
  • The voice

    Link heard a voice from his dream and later on found out that it was from princess Zelda
  • Links Uncle

    Links uncle died trying to fight off Aganhims minion. Link also found out that his parents might still be alive.
  • Links Journey

    Link safely rescued the princess and the princess told link that he was the chosen hero to save Hyrule. Then the princess and the kingdom got captured again, that's where link journey starts
  • Bandit

    While on his way to get the triforce he met a female bandit and they went the journey together
  • Stone statue and Sahasrala

    Once Link and Ghanti arrived at their destination a stone statue is blocking the way. Once as Link touched it the statue moved and began attacking them. Luckily they were able to defeat it and came out Saharala. He told them the same thing Zelda said. Ghanti didn't like that link is a knight to they parted ways.
  • Dessert

    Link travelled to the dessert trying to get the l master sword, but in the process a giant scorpion attacked him.
  • A fury looking creature

    Unfortunately link passed out during the battle. As he woke up a fury looking creature is helping him getting better
  • Master Sword

    In the forest that the creature took link to, he found the master Sword.