Gun Control

  • National Firearms act

    Taxed Weapon dealers, manufacters and importers of specific fire arms.
  • Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act

    established the Law enforcement assistance administration and wiretaping laws
  • Firearms Owners’ Protection Act

    Protected firearm owners rights
  • Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA)

    Amends the Gun Control Act of 1968
  • Undetectable Firearms Act

    This law was encated in 1988 and in 2014 it was renewed for 10 more years. This law makes it illegal to have, sell, imprtant etc any firearm that cant not be decected.
  • Gun Free School Zones Act

    Esatblished gun free school zones.
  • Brady Handgun Viloence Prevention Act

    Mandated Federal background checks when buyging a firearm.
  • Federal Assault Weapons Ban

    Ecpired in 2004. Banned curtain assault weapons and curtain ammo magizines.
  • Federal Assault Weapons Ban expires

    Created after Sandy Hook shootings lasted ten years after the shooting. The ban set limits to lage capacity magizines and a ban on assualt rifles for public use.
  • Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

    protects firearm dealers and manufacturers from being held liable for crimes committed with there product