gun control

  • National Firearms Act

    this act imposed a statutory excise tax on the manufacture and transfer of firearms and the mandates the registration of those firearms
  • Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act

    This act provided federal grant funding for criminology and criminal justice research ti fousced on social aspects of crime.
  • Firearm Owners Protection Act

    the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and firearms (ATF) was given wide latitude on the enforecemnt of regulations pertaining to federal Firearms License (FFl) holders
  • Undetectable Firearms Act

    This lawmade it illegal to manufacture, import, sell, ship, deliver, posses, transfer or receive any firearm that is not as detectable by walk-through metal detection as a security exemplar containing 3.7 oz of steel, or any firearm with major components that do not generate an accurate image before standard airport imaging technology.
  • Gun free school zones Act

    This act made school a gun free zone
  • Federal Assault weapons ban

    This Act prohiited the mmaunfacture for civlian use of certain Semi-automatic firearms it defined as Assault weapons as well as certain ammunition magazines that are defined as large capacity for 10 years.
  • federal assault weapons ban

    ban Assault weapons in 1994. President Bill Clinton passed the bill.
  • Brady hangun violence prevention act

    This law required the Federal Firearms Licensees to request background chelcks on everyone who is getting a firearms
  • Protection of Lawful Commerce

    this act prevented firearm manufactureers and dealers for being liable for negligence when crimes have been commited with thire product.
  • Firearm Owners' Protection Act

    A bill that protected firearms owners rights and to privacy