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Graphic Design History

  • 38,000 BCE

    Cave Paintings

    Cave Paintings
    There has been paintings in caves found all over the place, people like art! Weather its telling a story, or maybe just doodling, it can tell us what life was like then.
  • Period: 3300 BCE to 3000 BCE

    Sumerian written language – 3300 – 3000 BCE

    The Sumerians would use big clumps of rock, clay, or anything else they found that they could carve. The had their own writen language. They may have been the first to create a alphabet.
  • Period: 200 to 1040

    Chinese Printing

    China has the most printing dicoveies. They didnt always use papyrus either. They even created printers to print on silk clothes!!
  • 700

    Medieval Calligraphy

    Medieval Calligraphy
    At this time more alphabets were being created but only hand writen. Some of the writers would draw around their text and sell it for a higher price.
  • 1100

    European Heraldry

    European Heraldry
    Now we have logos, a thing that is used about everywhere; teams, businesses, and flags. During this time thats exactly what they were making logos for, Flags. They also would put it on armor.
  • 1400


    the Renaissance also helped grow and improve design
  • 1439

    Gutenberg Press

    Gutenberg Press
    Communication was travilng fast and people didn't read long books for information, so a press was made.
  • Chromolithography

    Advertisements are on the rise and advertisements help with business.
  • The Wiener Werkstätte

    The Wiener Werkstätte
    The Wiener Werkstätte was the first graphic design agency. He created more complex and well thought out designs.
  • The term "graphic design" appears

    An artical was made called, "New Kind of Printing Calls for New Design"
  • Period: to


    Today we have technology, and technology can help us with design. Almost everything we see has grahic design.