Grant's Timeline

  • Luisianna Purchase

  • Jefferson became president

    He easily won.
  • Mexican war of independance begins

  • America defeated Indians

    The Americans contained the Indians. They were bothering the Americans. The Americans wanted all the land.
  • War aginst Great Britain

    Britain took american soldiers. They took ships. This started the war against Britain.
  • Treaty was signed between US and Britain

  • Horshoe Bend was conquered

    This was a big turning point between the indians and the us. The us now controled indians. They started to move out.
  • Capitol was Burned Down

    The British went to D.C. They burned the capitol. They burned the presidents mantion.
  • Treaty of Genton

    This stops the war. Communication is bad at this time so there are still battles. It takes a while until all of the battles were over.
  • Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo

    Napoleon is defeated. He was defeated by the British. Now the British focused on the U.S.
  • Congress passes the Missouri Compromise

  • Slavery is aboished in the british empire.

  • Victoria becomes queen of England

  • Natives are relocated in the trail of tears

  • Potato Famine in Ireland

  • Grant Was Born.

    Grant Was Born.