Grace Hopper

By Ty_ler
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    Grace Hopper

    Timeline of Grace Hopper's life events.
  • Birth

    Grace Brewster Murray was born December 9, 1906 in New York City.
  • Tinkering

    At age 7 Grace decided she wanted to figure out how alarm clocks work. So she took apart 7 clocks in the house before she was religated down to 1 clock.
  • College

    Grace gets accepted into Vassar college to study mathematics and physics.
  • Masters

    Earned a Masters degree in mathematics and physics at the Yale University.
  • Marriage

    Gets married to New York University professor Vincent Foster Hopper.
  • Doctor

    Grace went on to earn a Ph.D in mathematics from Yale as well.
  • Job Promotion

    Job Promotion
    After getting her first teaching job in 1931 at Vassar university teaching math. She is promoted to Associate professor.
  • Navy

    Grace joins the Navy. Initially she joins the Naval reserve but due to her grandfather being in the branch she decided to go further.
  • Navy Promotion

    Navy Promotion
    Grace gets commissioned as a Lieutenant. Assigned to the bureau of Ordinance program at Harvard. Where she learned to program with the Mark 1 computer.
  • Divorce

    Gets divorced from Vincent but decides to keep his surname and never marries again.
  • Post- WW2

    Post- WW2
    The war ended but Hopper remained with the Navy as a reserve officer. She worked with the Mark 2 and Mark 3 computers.
  • Compilers

    Created the first operational link-loader. Referred to as a compiler. She published her first paper on the subject.
  • Officially Retired

    Officially Retired
    Grace had been retired from the reserve for quite awhile. She officially retired from the navy for good in 1986. She was 79 years of age at the time.
  • Work-Horse

    Took another Job after being "bored stiff" from lack of stimulation. She took another job in the computer industry for several more years. She was later awarded the National medal of Technology.
  • Death

    Grace Hopper passed away on Jan 01, 1992.