gosip times 3

Timeline created by prevosteden
  • 3 BFF's

    Abby, Bess and Cristy were best freinds. All there parents were divorced so that had becom extra good friends. But not anymore.
  • Abby

    Abby has liked Zack for years, but if she had 3 wishes it would be for Zack to like her back.
  • mom

    Abby's mom went on a date with her new "friend' Steve. Bess's mom has a new boyfriend Eric. Cristy's mom does not have a love intrest.
  • Bess

    Abby never thought anyone would ever see Zack's cuteness. But than suddenly one of Abbys bestfriends decided she liked Zack. Abby never though the next person to like Zack would be her friend Bess.
  • Lunch

    the girls were talking about how Abbys mom was now dating a man named steve. And how Bess's mom had a new boyfriend Eric.
  • i like you

    Bess marched up to Zacks locker and said 'I like you." and than he responded saying "I like you too." Than they became boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • ohh Dad

    Abby is nowat her dad's house. She told her dad the whole story about bess. Than told her dad she was going to go to one of Zack's soccer games with Bess and Cristy.
  • soccer

    the girls go to Zack's soccer game. Abby got there first and talked to Zack befor Bess got there. He asked her if she wanted to go to ice cream after the game. Nervously she said yes. She did not know if she had to tell bess, She did not.
  • bolt

    Abby bolted to her big sister Glinda's car, to ask if she could drive her home befor going to ice cream with Zack. Bess and Cristy did not no were she went.
  • ice cream

    Later that night Abby went to the ice cream shop to meat Zack. But he did not show up. (AT ALL)
  • OVER

    Bess decided Zack was boring, so she broke up with him
  • Cristy

    Cristy told her mom the other girls were acting weird. But her mom did not care ond told her she was busy.
  • Fred

    fred had a girlfriend named Emma. But Abby started a roumor saying Bess likes Fred. But it was a lie.
  • Abby

    Abby stoped liking Zack. Bess did not even think about Zack anymore. But now Cristy liked Zack, and she did not care what her "friends" thought.

    The girls are not freinds infact they are 3 sworn enemies.