Gosht in the Machine

  • Expedition

    In the beginig of the second book it leavs of when Ryan and Sarah are secreatly seeing each other and their parnets still do not find out. Ryan secreatly escapes, text,call and emails to keep in touch with Sarah.
  • Expidition

    Ryan and sarah are trapped in the dreadge and they are tryng to escape bur ryan still has the brokn leg because of the accidnt that happend in the last book.
  • Rising action 1

    Ryan finds outmore about the crossbones. The crossbones is a secreat socity that his dad has been oart of for years. The crossbones know what hapend to old Joe Bush and what hoes on in the dreadge.
  • Rising action 2

    During the book Rayn and Sarah are tryng to figure out who took old Joe Bush's gold and why he hauntes the dreadge for gold. As the stoy progress they gind out more and more about the dreadge.
  • Rising action 3

    In the book they also find out why so many crossbones die so suspuciusly and Ryan thinks if his dad is next. They also find out that ild joe bush was murder becuse of gold.
  • Rising action 4

    Rayn finds out why old joe bush haunts its beacuse he wants revenge on the crossbones so thats why old joe bush haunts Ryan and tahts why he thinks that his dad is next to die.
  • Rising action 5

    Ryans dads friend is still visiting from new york and ryan finds out something un expected that will peice all the puzzle pices toghether and it will make seance for ryan.
  • Rising action

    Bravude of the crossbones ryan tries to spy on his dad and he tries get as much info about the crossbonea by wrting or vidio taping.
  • Climax

    Ryan finds out that there wasnt a old joe bush gosht it was just his dads friend because he wanted gold. Ryan also finds out that john was the one who kilked old joe bush and that stole gold from the dreadge
  • falling action

    ryan finds our that his dad is one of the last crossbones membrs left. Ryan is very parinoid because he feels like he feels like the gosht is following him.
  • Falling action

    Ryan interviews alot of peole to get as much information as possible on his dad and the cross bones. Henry is nervouis to give ryan information on his dad and the crossbone.
  • Resoulution

    Ryan and sarh find out that the dredge is filled with millons of dollars of gold. Tahts why henry doesnot let any one go near the dreadge.
  • Redoulution

    Henry is accualy the gosht because he dosent want any won to near the dreadge bevause he dosnt want any one to steal his gold.Ryan is not scaerd any more of old joe bush.