Timeline created by Abugthug
  • New phone

    New phone
    On this day I chose to save for a new phone.
  • First week of allowance

    First week of allowance
    I saved my first $5 today!
  • I've reached $100! Half way there!

    I've reached $100! Half way there!
    By saving $5 a week i have already reached $100!
  • I need Caffiene

    I need Caffiene
    I really wanted some coffee this morning, so I looked to see if i had enough money and all I had left was my $5 from my allowance, so I
  • Got it!

    Got it!
    I finally saved enough money to recieve my new phone. I did this by saving $5 from my allowance for 40 weeks straight. It was tough but I did it!