Globalization in canada

  • Apr 22, 1001

    Vikings set up a settlement in canada

    Vikings set up a settlement in canada
    Leif Ericson Sails to baffin island and newfoundland and sets up a settlement, which is eventualy abandoned because of pressure from aborigionals
  • Aug 28, 1500

    The portuguse claim Newfoundland as their own

    The portuguse claim Newfoundland as their own
    Following the exploration of John Cabot to newfoundland, the portuguse crown claims Newfoundland and sets up fishing outposts. These were later abandoned for unknown reasons but still remain in Newfoundland as landmarks.
  • Jul 23, 1534

    France claims eastern canada

    France claims eastern canada
    Jaques Cartier plants a cross in a quebec peninsula and claims the land for france. Shortly arfterward a fur trading outpost was set up but later abandoned when all but five of the sailors froze to death during the winter.
  • England claims Newfoundland

    England claims Newfoundland
    Humphrey Gilbert claims Newfoundland for queen Elizabeth the first. During the rule of king Henry the first several non-permanent colonies were set up.
  • Samuel de Champlain founds quebec city

    Samuel de Champlain founds quebec city
    Champlian founds the first permenent colony in canada and makes enemys with the Iroquois Confederacy, but makes allies with the Huron natives.
  • Period: to

    Anglo-French war

    This war was started after the scramble for the territory of new france, in the end large amounts of new france were claimed by england.
  • The Catholic church attempts to spread cristianity to the new world

    The Catholic church attempts to spread cristianity to the new world
    Following the death of Champlian the catholic church sent in jesuit missonaries to assimilate aborigional people who until then had been allowed to practice their own beliefs.
  • The seven years war starts

    The seven years war starts
    In the last war between england and france the english battled france for control of eastern canada. This war had long lasting effects on the culture there which was largely because of attempts to assimilate the french.
  • The seven years war ends

    The seven years war ends
    With the end of the seven years war france's presence in the new world was almost completely withdrawn exept for some fishing outposts in labridor.
  • The Royal Proclamation

    The Royal Proclamation
    The royal proclamtion was an act by england that gave it tighter control over it's colonies and allowed the segrigation and assimilation of non-english cultures
  • American war of independance

    American war of independance
    The main reason why the US is better then canada when it comes to history. The american war of independance happened largely because of the oppression from england faced by the thirteen colonies. Because of this even canada lost a large section of land to the US and gave Canada its southern nieghbor.
  • The war of 1812

    A Conflict that remains the only war ever started between the US and canada, in which the US strode into canada expecting canada to join the US and were shocked when canada shot at them. A mob of canadians also burned down the white house which is why it is now made of marble and not wood.
  • Confederation

    The time in which canada became an independant country from Brittan.
  • Vikings land in Canada

    Vikings land in Canada
    In the first known contact between europeans and canada a group of vikings who were blown off course from iceland reach canada.