• The first Walmart opens

    The first walmart opens in Rodgers, Ark
  • Period: to

    Negative Globalization

  • AIDS arive to america

    Geneticists have traced the arrival of AIDS in America to a single person who came from Haiti
  • Walmart goes international

    Walmart puts up their first international store in Mexico City.
  • Terrorist attack the twin towers

    Terrorist attack the twin towers in New York City and killed thousands.
  • The cost of the war

    the war on terror had already cost the U.S. government $65 billion
  • military opperation in iraq

    the military operation in Iraq had cost U.S. taxpayers $152 billion
  • migration

    As globalization spread dramatically over the last twenty years, migration expanded less rapidly than either trade or foreign investment. Still, migration remains contentious even as some economists praise it as the fastest route to raising world incomes. The promise of migration, however, is more limited and nuanced.
  • columbian free trade agreement

    The proposed U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement could potentially have adverse effects on Colombia’s economy and stability, and particularly on small farmers, who have already been disproportionately affected by Colombia’s internal conflict
  • China and India's economies are growning

    China and India are poised to join the United States as the world’s largest economies by mid-century. As economic strength is translated into greater power and influence, will a tri-polar global system replace the unipolar status of the United States?