Global Perspectives

Timeline created by Cony21123
  • Period: to

    Until World War 2

    Western countries are still linked to colonialism, racial discrimination, etc.
  • Period: to

    End of World War 2 - The present

    The moral excuses collapse, so new ones are invented, such as "humanitarian intervention" and "human rights are superior to sovereignty" to mantain dominance worldwide and intervene on foreign conflicts to benefit from.
    The USA separates human rights from sovereignty, but without it there is no ability nor means to protect this rights.
    Western countries use guns and bombs to their benefit under the previous excuses but it has only cause more disasters.
  • Period: to

    Annual Reports

    The United States publishes annual reports on other countries human rights conditions.
    These countries have showed discomfort and turned on Washington because of their own human rights violations and double standarts.
  • Human rights in the US

    The United States refuses 228 proposals from the UN to improve human rights conditions with the excuse of "Human rights allow no intervention from the outside"
  • Annual Reports

    The United States publishes annual report on other countries (190 countries) human rights conditions.
    The targeted countries show discomfort.
  • Response fom other countries

    China suggests to the US to stop acting as a "judge" and to reflect on their own human rights conditions.
  • White paper

    China publishes a white paper on US human rights practices in 2010.
    Washington adresses the issue.