Global Awareness Project

  • The Triple Alliance

    The Triple Alliance was an alliance between Germany and Austria- Hungary, and Bismark. Later, both Italy and Japan both joined them. However, the Italians joined the other side after accusing their former partners of unjustly starting the war.
  • Rise Of Kaiser Willhelm II

    Kaiser Willhelm II rised two years after he became ruler of Germany. He forced Bismark to resign. He was stubborn, and didn't like to share power with anyone. He was the last German Emperor.
  • Period: to

    European Arms Race

  • Alliance Of Russia And France

    The Alliance of Russia and France proceded to becoming to Triple Alliance. When Great Britian joined, the Triple Alliance was formed within the same year.
  • Creation of the Triple Entente

    Great Britain made an alliance with France and Russia called the Triple Entente. This created two rival camps. On one side was the Triple Alliance which had Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. On the other side was the Triple Entente which had Great Britain, France, and Russia.
  • Austria Annexing Bosnia and Herzegovina

    In 1908, Austria took over Bosnia and Herzegovina. They were two Balkan areas with large populations. Serbian leaders were outraged.
  • The First Decleration Of War

    The war started when the German Government declared war on Russia. This led to more declarations of war, starting the first World War.
  • Great Britain Declares War On Germany

    Two days after the first war was declared, Great Britain declares war on Germany. After this, most of Europe was locked into battle.
  • The Battle Lines are Drawn

    On one side were Germany and Austria-Hungary. They were known as the Central Powers because of their location in the heart of Europe. On the other side were Great Britain, France, and Russia. Together, they were known as the Allied Powers or the Allies.
  • The Assassination of Archduke Ferminand

    The assassination happened five day before The Treaty of Versailles was formed between Germany and the Allied powers. It was signed on the 28th