Gina's Foundation of Education

  • John Carroll University

    John Carroll was founded
  • IOWA Tests

    The IOWA Tests for Basic Skills was developed. It was mandatory, I took these tests during my elementary years to show my academic progress.
  • GRE

    The GRE was created. I took the GRE exam during my senior year at Kent State University and I was disappointed with the results.
  • Civil Rights Movement

    People want an end to discrimination and segregation. In 1964, the federal goverment made laws prohibiting discrimination and segregation in education. *The Civil Rights Movement took place over several years, starting in 1954.
  • Sputnik

    Soviet Union successfully launches first Sputnik. U.S. President and Congress and the American people are critical of American education. Critics want the government to intervene in the education of our nation’s students.
  • ACT

    The American College Testing was established. I took the ACT during my junior year in high school.
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

    Congress allocates federal funds to schools to equalize the quality of education for disadvantaged students. Free and reduced lunch is the criteria for federal funding. *Exact date unknown
  • National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

    National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) begins authorizing the assessment of hte academic progress of students nationwide.
  • E-mail Created

    Ray Tomlinson created the first e-mail programming system.

    E-mailing is one of my ways of communicating with professors, friends, and family.
  • First Cell Phone

    Martin Copper created the first cell phone and distributed to individuals in Chicago. I plan to incorporate cell phones into my classroom.
  • Birth

    I was born at Conneaut Memorial Hospital.
  • Kindergarden

    During kindergarten I was ill for the majority of the school year.
  • Ninth-Grade Proficiency Tests

    Ohio requires ninth-grade proficiency tests. This was my first experience taking a state mandated tests. *Exact date unknown
  • First Grade

    During first grade, my first grade teacher would provide tootsie rolls for any student who read three nights in a row. Also, this is was my first experience being intimidated by a teacher. My teacher always used a stern voice.
  • Twelve-Grade Proficiency Test

    Twelve grade proficiency tests begin in 1994.
  • Fourth Grade

    Fourth Grade was a difficult year because I felt my teacher was always singling me out for no apparent reason.
  • Re-authorization of ESEA

    Each state was to create standards-based system applicable to all students, including those who qualified for Title I services. This act was renewed eight times.
  • Goals 2000: Educate America Act (P.L. 103-227)

    Established a framework in which to identify academic standards to measure student progress and to provide the support to students may need to meet the standards.
  • Sixth Grade

    Once again, I became ill with a respitatory virus causing a blood vessel to break in my eye. This virus lasted for several months causing me to miss a number of school days.
  • Transition to Public Schools

    I transferred from a Catholic school system to a public school system.
  • First Attempt at Nineth grade Proficencies

    During my eighth grade year, I first attempted the nineth grade proficencies test.
  • Ninth-grade proficiencies tests are gone

    Ohio phases out ninth-grade tests and phases in new graduation tests.
  • Transition to Public Schooling

    I transitioned from a private education to public education in seventh grade.
  • Freshman Year of High School

    This is the first time I am in the same school with my sister.
  • High School

    I entered Harbor High School as a freshman.
  • Achievement tests begin

    Ohio phases out proficiency tests and phases in achievement tests.
  • Teen Helpline

    I enrolled in a month long training classes to volunteer at a Teen Helpline.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    No Child Left Behind-(replaces ESEA) every student will be on grade level by 2014. Student achievement will be measured yearly on state issues achievement tests. Each state will set its own criteria for passage of these tests.
  • 9/11

    Sept 11, 2001, Largest terrorists attack against United States in history.
  • ACT

    First and only attempt at the ACT
  • Harbor to Lakeside High School

    My high school, Harbor High School consolidates with Ashtabula High School to form Lakeside High School.
  • Kent State University

    I enrolled in Kent State University's sociology program.
  • Facebook Created

    Facebook, a social networking site, is formed to allow students to able to communicate with schoolmates, friends, and family.
  • First Sociology Class

    I enrolled in my first Sociology class and loved it. The next day, I declared major as Sociology.
  • Child Development Center

    I was employed by Kent State University's Child Development Center as a student assistant.
  • Kent State University-Graduation

    I graduated from Kent State Univeristy with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology.
  • Return to Kent State University

    I returned to Kent State Univeristy to enroll in three history courses.
  • Ohio's Common Core State Standards

    Ohio State Board of Education adopts the Common Core State Standards
  • Admission to John Carroll University

    I began my graduate education career at John Carroll University’s AYA program.
  • Fall Observation

    As a requirement for Orientation to Educational Environment, I was required to spend 7 hours of observation at a high school per week. I observed at Edgewood Senior School and did not want to be anywhere else.
  • Ohio's Model Curriculum

    Ohio adopts the Model Curriculum by grade level and course.
  • Political groups and Education

    Powerful political groups advocate for National Education Standards and national standardized tests
  • Spring 2010 Semester

    I was a student assistant at Shaw High School and this experience validated that I wanted become a teacher,
  • Technology and Design

    Many skills I learned in Dr. Shutkin's class, Technology Design, I plan to incorporate into my classroom instruction.
  • The American School

    The American School by Joel Spring has opened my eyes into how our historical past has greatly contributed to our educational system.
  • Lizz Blog on the No Child Left Behind Act