By aj m.
  • Ghost of war pgs 1-30

    A young boy named Ryan Smithson is an average highschool boy with blonde hair a blue eyes with average build and with a girlfriend. Ryan was in class and the news came on it was about 911 no one really thought it was a very big deal they thought it was an accedient but no everyone in school was talking about it. Ryan wanted to join the reserves in the army. The first couple of weeks were hell the drill sergants building you up the breaking you down
  • Ghost of war pgs 31-60

    Ryan had to go through many and many drills that were filled with muscle aching activities. during the week they would practice marching, teamwork building exercises, confedence courses, obstacle course, hand to hand combat and pugle stick fighting, sit through long class hours and financial skills and then a gas chamber full of tear gas and CS but all comes to a halt on sunday they get to clean which isnt near as bad as what they went through during the week. In ryans platoon he is with sergant
  • ghost of war pgs. 61-90

    Ryan and his platoon arrive at Camp virgina with hot days and warm night wasnt that pleasant all the middle east looked the same to him, he was so tired traveling through 8 time zones he didnt even really care. whenever there was nothing to do they had to do PMCS ( Prententive Matience Checks and Services) thats what they had to do at their time at Kuwait. They were deployed onto the streets and had no idea where they were going and LT tells a story about extremest kidnappingthecivlezens everyda
  • Ghost of war pgs. 91-120

    They all move out of tent city into a concrete building, they like the hard buildings because there is no more mortar bunkers. They were in a Loud. Decrepit. Nauseating. Decayed. Heavily populated place this was Sammara, Iraq... A town achmed built. The were now on a mission, not just any mission a deadly mission they had to stick together for survival if they wanted to survive, the Iraqi soilders were patroling the streets more than before now they were scard crapless. People dying and burning
  • ghost of war pgs 121-150

    They all try to bring humor to the picture but it is hard when your all at battle risking your lives. They are finally to other phase, white phase where they forget the past 3 hell weeks and move on but the drill sergent doesnt think they deserve it the 4th platoon failed to do what they were suppose to do. Ryan is an engineer for the army so he works on the machines for the army fixes cleans and does whatever is nessicary for the vehicels
  • Ghost of war 151-180

    Ryan is next to 5 thousand gallons of deisel fuel a very big target for a mortar attack and next to a helipad. Ryan see's a bird but a very fast bird kind of too fast it was a mortar it took off a part of the helipad so the helicopter cant land Ryans bones shake he almost died. Ryan finnaly returns home to his parents and everyone is clapping for them when they got off and Ryans mom and dad are waiting therer for him to give him a big hug. Then he wanted to see his girlfriend heather in Fortbrag
  • Ghost of wa r pgs 181-270

    ryan and his team are trying to take over farms and hoping for no landmines to go off they argue on and on about not to shoot the people without guns. They finally take contro and set up base and find a brown bird and decided to call him "jerkface" and they loved to play with him make him dance make him fly from finger to finger. Ryan has been in Iraq for 9 months now and everyday he gets dumber cause ou never know when a mortar can come crashing in through the roof. Ryan tells a long story to z
  • ghost of war pgs 271-310

    They land in fort bragg and everyone is clapping, shaking eachothers hand, hugging, and cheering. Ryan contitues his story about him in munoz on the platoon to zerega. After 9 months Ryan returns home to Heather and his family but one thing he never wants to return to is Iraq. He is still gettng used to it he gets a check for unemployment to get back on his feet and then. But when everyone asks he doesnt want to tell his stories his "silhouettes, is with silence"