Germany Unification

  • Speech to the Frankfort Assembly

    Johann Gustav Droysen is wrote a speech asking about prussia merging with Gemrany
  • Proclamation of 1849

    Friedrich Wilhelm IV didnt take the crown as king for tthe German National Assembly, because he felt like it wasnt right.
  • Letter to Minister von Manteuffel

    Otto von Bismarck wrote about how Germany was to small for Prussia an Austria to both merge in to and that Austria should stay its own state
  • Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke

    The war between Prussia and Aunstria was because of a struggle that the cabent saw
  • Otto von Bismarck

    he said they had to advoide hurting Astrustia to much. france would become an Ally for Austria and they didnt want to leva revergane behind
  • The Imperial Proclamation

    Prussia called King Wilhelm to take crown of Emperor, they even made so arrangement for him to accept the title.