• How long did prussia work toward till?

    Prussia had worked toward control of a unified German state since 1640.
  • When was Bismark believe in a strong monarchy

    Bismarck’s belief in a strong monarchy made him a political conservative, and in the 1860s he was faced with a hostile liberal majority in Parliament.
  • When was Otto the prime minister?

    In 1862, Wilhelm I of Prussia appointed Otto von Bismarck prime minister.
  • When did they form of a united country?

    Prussia had now formed what would be the nucleus of a united Germany.
  • What age did men was alowed to vote?

    All men age twenty-five and older had the right to vote for their representatives in the Reichstag.
  • When was Wilhelm crowned emperor of Germany?

    On January 18, 1871, Wilhelm I of Prussia was officially crowned emperor of Germany.