German Unification: Illustrated Timeline By: Katie & Di'Asia

  • Bismark's Rise to Power

    Bismark's Rise to Power
    (1861):William I had become king of Prussia and he appointed Otto von Bismark the head of the Prissian cabinet. He made the Prussian army a powerful military militia. He did not like the idea of democracy because he believed that the government holds authority.He wanted foreing policy would calm the hostile public.
  • The Danish War

    The Danish War
    King Christian IX made a new constitution and he tried to annex Schleswig fo Denmark. Prussia and Austria were against the new constitution. They wanted it to be revoked. Denmark refused and they demanded war upon them. Denmark asked for help from GB and france, but they didn't. Denmark later surrendered in 1864.
  • The Seven Week's War

    The Seven Week's War
    Bismark made Austria declare war on Prussia in 1866 about Schelswig and Holstein dispute. Prussia used trains and commuticated by telegraph and modern weaponry. The Treaty of Prague ended the Seven Weeks War.
  • Formation of the German Empire

    Formation of the German Empire
    Bismark was named Chancellor, or cheif minister, of the empire and continued as Prime Minister of Prussia as well. His nick name became "The Iron Chancellor". Even though he disliked the constitution he accepted it.
  • The Franco-Prussian War

    The Franco-Prussian War
    In 1870 he recieved a telegraph from the King William. Bismark changed the telegraph to where it sounded as if the kinf insulted the French embassador. In 1870 the Franch declared war on Prussia.