German Unification

  • Zollverein created

    An conomic union which got rid of tariff barriers between states was created in Germany
  • Period: to

    Unification Of Germany

  • Bismarck becomes chancellor

    Chancellor= prime minister
    Over the next 10 years, Bismack would unify German states under Prissian rule.
  • War with Denmark began

    Prussia "liberated" the provinces Holstein and Schleswig from Denmark.
  • Austro-Prussian war began

    War resulted in Prussia annexing several north German states.
  • Franco-Prussian war began

    Bismarck wanted to go to war to gain another victory, which he did.
  • Second Reich began

    William I was Kaiser.
  • Germany begins to use a single currency

  • William II became Kaiser

  • William II asked Bismarck to resign

    He said his right to rule was directly from God and here was only one true master of the Reich.