German Immigrant, by Collin Corrie

  • Birth and Childhood

    I was born in the recently found country of Germany in Munich. As I grew up life was hard, Germany recived very much rain, to the point of where it was hard to farm. As I grew up, I went to school in a one room school house where I met my childhood sweetheart, when I was 16.
  • The Voyage

    When my childhood sweetheart had turned 16 her and her family moved to America. I immediatly started saving money to follow after her and start anew in America. So in 1882 I finally raised enough money to leave Germany.
  • Arrival

    Almost three weeks later I arrived in Ellis Island. I moved through the stations for medical examination, I was next up. The doctor flipped my eye lids and examined them and said "Good" and I moved on. I collected what little property I had from the baggage station. New York was overwhelmingly huge compared to what I had scene back in Germany. The air was thick and heavy, it was almost hard to breathe.
  • Political Machine

    Immediatly, I met a man who claimed to be giving away free housing and jobs. I met with him, I was pretty fluent in english after learning from the British people on the boat. I was shown to a decent enough apartment to live in, and he had asked if I had any contacts. I responded "Yes, her name is Hilda Kreiger." I was put in contact with her. I arrive on scene for my job tomorrow where I met her father, whi happend to be the foreman and boss.
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  • Atop the sckyscraper

    After being in a loving relationship with my girlfriend for three years I ask for her fathes permission. He denied it, I would not be seperated from her again. I plotted his death by pushing him off the skyscrpaer we were building. The day came when he stood close to the edge, I approached him and pushed him off as I said "The things I do for love."
  • Afterwards

    After the foremans mysterious death, I was promoted to foreman. As for the formans daughter, we married. Together, we became very wealthy and continued out or lives in a large mansion where we hired a handful of servants.