George Washington

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  • Official Surveyor for Culpeper County, Virginia

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  • Washington goes to Barbados

  • Major Washington carried British ultimatium to the French in the Ohio River Valley

  • Colonel Washington surrendered Fort Necessity in the French and Indian War

  • Colonel Washington commanded Virginia's frontier troops.

  • Elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army

  • Colonel Washington commanded Virginia's frontier troops.ended

  • Married Mrs. Martha Dandridge Custis

  • Colonel Washington was with General Edward Braddock when ambushed by the French and Indians.

  • Elected delegate to the First Continental Congress

  • Elected delegate to the Second Continental Congress

  • The Declaration of Independence was signed by the Continental Congress.

  • Victory at Yorktown

  • Elected President of the Constitutional Convention

  • North Carolina becomes a state.

  • Elected first President of the United States - the United States flag had 13 stars

  • The French Revolution ended absolute monarchy in France.

  • Washington signed the first act of Congress concerning the administration of oaths.

  • The first national census took place - 3,929,214 people were counted over a period of nine months.

  • Rhode Island becomes a state.

  • Washington approved plans for the U.S. Capitol.

  • The Cabinet held its first recorded meeting. Congress chartered the Bank of the United States. Congress established the District of Columbia. Vermont becomes a state.

  • The Bill of Rights became law. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution of the United States guarantee basic liberties to Americans.

  • Congress established a national mint.

  • Died at Mount Vernon at the age of 67