Genocide Project

  • The Start

    People begin protesting the assad family and what they are doing in the government. They want a democracy not a monarchy
  • Officials imprisioned

    Protesters stand outside of prision where critics, media, and some government officials have been put for not agreeing with Assad family. 6 were killed this day.
  • State of Emergency Law

    Assad lifts this Law which has been in place for 46 years in an attempt to try and get the protesters to stop. It didn't work they just got worse.
  • The Army arrives

    Assad's army enters the cities of Deraa, Banyas, Homs, and Demascus in an effort to show that if the protests don't stop they will use force
  • Town taken

    120 security officials are killed by a rebel group in Jisr al-Shughour. Government troops seize the town and 10,000+ flee to Turkey.
  • Governer Gone

    After a huge protest in the providence of Hama Assad fires the governer there because of it. Then he sends in government troops who kill 139 people
  • Step down?

    President Obama along with other western allies call Assad and tell him and his troops to step down.
  • Tensions Rising

    10 people (protesters) killed across the country by government.
  • Embassies attacked

    President Assad orders his troops to attack some of the forign embassies in Syria. Over 70 people are killed because of this.
  • The war starts

    President Assad kills 4,000 innocent and starts the Syrian War. This pushed the rebels over the top and that started it.
  • Homs shelled

    The city of Homs is shelled by Assad and over 200 civillians are killed and an unknown number of rebels
  • Chemical Weapons Test

    A german report came out that they had seen the syrians testing out chemical weapons in the dessert near Aleppo.
  • Military Base Captured

    The FSA (Free Syrian Army) launched an attack on some military bases controlled by the Syrian Army. They won and took them over.
  • Chemical Weapons

    Officials say that there is a very high possibility that Assad attack civiliians and the Rebels using chemical weapons. The rebels have no such weapons. Test's are still being executed to see if they did or didn't.
  • Muslum Holiday

    Both sides agree to a 4 day cease fire for a Muslum Holiday. Protesters use this to start riots and protests without being shot. Assad's army breaks the rule and kills 103 civilians. Assad's army broke the ceasfire rule some 292 times during the day.