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    Armenian Genocide

    The Armenian Genocide was carried out by the Turk government of the Ottoman Empire. This is significant because one and a half million Armenians were killed, out of a total of two and a half million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.
  • Armenians follow Russians

    Armenians follow Russians
    Armenians gathered together and withdrew with the Russians. This is significant because around 500,000 Armenians withdrew with the Russians.
  • Treaty of Sevres

    Treaty of Sevres
    The Treaty of Sevres was signed on August 10, 1920, by the Allied Powers. This is significant because the treaty recognized an independent Armenian state.
  • First concentration camp opened

    First concentration camp opened
    The first concentration camp was opened at Dachau in Germany. This is signisicant because around 11 million people died durring the durration of the holocaust about 6 million Jews and % million others.
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    First concentration camp opened The first concentration camp was opened at Dachau in Germany on March 22, 1933. This is significant because many Jewish people were killed or worked to death.
  • Hitler committed suicide

    Hitler committed suicide
    Faced with defeat Hitler committed suicide. This is significant because Hitler persacuted Jews and under his leadership millions were killed.
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    Genocide in Darfur

    The Genoside started on February 26, 2003, when the Darfur's claimed credit for an attack on Golo. This is significant because it began the Genoside. Some say the war is over but there is still mass killings, rapes, etc.
  • Sudan signed accord

     Sudan signed accord
    The government of Sudan signed an accord with the faction of the SLA. this is significant because this is the first time Sudan complied.
  • Food aid cut

    Food aid cut
    A World Food Programme official reported that food aid had been cut off from at least 355,000 people in the region. This is significant because the Genoside in Darfur is now critical.