Genetics Timeline

  • Charles darwins presents his first breakthrough work in genetics

    Charles darwins presents his first breakthrough work in genetics
    Charles Darwin publishes The Origin of Species, which describes the theory of evolution by natural selection. This theory requires heredity to work.
  • Gregor mendel theory of genetics

    Gregor mendel theory of genetics
    scientist gregor mendel publishes his work on the basic theory of genetics. it was ignored untill the 1900's were it started to gain momentum for the important information his work carried.
  • isolation of nucleic acid from pus cells

    isolation of nucleic acid from pus cells
    scientist Friedrich Miescher isolaes nucleic acid from pus cells. nucliec acid is what DNA is made of.
  • linkage between genes

    linkage between genes
    Gregory Bateson discovers linkage between genes. the A,B,C,D sturcture which is now the major formation of the DNA
  • Period: to

    DNA discovered as genetic material

    within this timespan which is thought to be the time where scientists determined after extensive ressearch that DNA was the genetic material in which the sturcture of all living organisms is based upon. DNA is also found out to be composed of amino acids and proteins which make up a nucliec structure
  • using X rays to induce mutations

    Muller creates principles that genetic mutation is occured due to ultramicroscopic chemical accidents which he also uses X rays to induce thus possibly being able to alter the structer of DNA.
  • DNA is identified as carrier of genetic information

    scientists Oswald Avery Colin McLeod and Maclyn McCarty are able to identify DNA as the carrier of genetic information this is needed to determine the sex of the child and other information such as any deformities in the structure of an unborn child.
  • structure of DNA identified

    scientists watson and crick were able to discover the structure of DNA. the results were that its a double helix structure. this is very important because the first step onto further analysis of dna and its uses was to first understand its structure to understand its function.
  • first Xray crystalographic

    first Xray crystalographic
    james frankin, francis crick, and maurice wilkins received the nobel prize for being able to capture the first dna picture which highlights the structure of the dna gene and was the start off point to further analysis on the shape and formate of dna and why it looks the way it does.
  • DNA bases code for one amino acid

    DNA bases code for one amino acid
    Marshall Nirenberg solves the genetic code, showing that 3 DNA bases code for one amino acid. this was a major breakthrough because it defines what the dna is made off.
  • DNA cloning first occured

    stanley cohen and herbert boyer combine two different DNA's from two different species and produced bacteria which is considered the first dna cloning in history.
    this is important because it has opened the possibility of cloning other forms of species and most importanly possibly cloning humans.