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Generation Y

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    My Generation

  • 1994 Earthquake kills in L.A.

    1994 Earthquake kills in L.A.
    A massive earthquake that shook Los Angeles, killing only 20 people and injuring 9,000 more.
  • O.J. Simpson Muders!

    "Caught his wife cheating" on him with "another man." Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were the two people who were murdered in this action.
  • Republicans are in the House!

    Republicans are in the House!
    This is the second time Republicans have been in the white house since 1955.
  • Bill Clinton is re-elected

    Bill Clinton is re-elected
    Running against Bob Dole in the 1996 elections, Bill beats Bob by more than a mere landslide.
  • Seven Babies born to ONE woman!

    Seven Babies born to ONE woman!
    Concieved because of a fertility drug that caused the womans' egg to mutiply into more than just one or two babies. She gave birth to 7 premature babies and ALL of them survived.
  • Matthew Shepard is Murdered

    Matthew Shepard is Murdered
    Brutally beaten and sustained severe head injuries, Matthew Shepard died in the hospital. Russell Arthur Henderson and Aaron James McKinney were the attackers.
  • Columbine High School Shootout

    Columbine High School Shootout
    Two senior students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, go to their highschool and murder a total of 13 students and 1 teacher and directly injured 21 other people in their rampage then commited suicide.
  • Tornado Hits Kentucky

    Tornado Hits Kentucky
    100 homes were destroyed, 700 recieve damamge and 18 people were injured. This was an F-3 tornado.
  • Bombings in the Sea

    Target of a suicide attack by Al Queda
  • Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Centers

    Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Centers
    4 commercial airline planes were hiijacked by terrorists and nearly 3,000 people were murdered. All of this was planned byal-Qaeda.
  • Another Tornado!?

    Another Tornado!?
    21st, 24th, and 28th 3 tornado's consecutively killed more than 100 people within the time span of 1 week.
  • North Korea Ends "No Nuclear Weapons" Treaty

    North Korea Ends "No Nuclear Weapons" Treaty
    North Korea takes back their agreement to not have nuclear weapons in their country, America is scared again.
  • More Troops!!

    More Troops!!
    The US decides to send some excess of 30,000 troops over to Iraq to make their attacks more deadly.
  • Flooding in the South!

    Flooding in the South!
    More than a foot of rain fell for a period of 24 hours, many people had to be airlifted from their homes and homeowners in Missouri and Illinios were left homeless.
  • 12 Gunmen Murderers!

    12 Gunmen Murderers!
    A group of 12 gunmen attacked a national cricket team and their policemen gaurds killing 6 policemen and 2 innocent bystanders.