GD The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex, fiction, 423 pages

  • pages 1-53

    In the beginning of the book, the narrarator introduces herself as a girl named Grace (quite ironic ;). She explains how the world has been taken over by aliens called the Boov, and tells how she befriended a rebel alien.
    Running total: 349
  • Pages 54- 122

    In this part of the book, Grace countinues her travels with the Boov, and she finds out his name is J.Lo. She learns he messed up one of his jobs on Earth, so he must hide from the other aliens.
    Running total: 417
  • Pages 122-319

    In this part of the book, Grace and J.Lo are trying to get to Arizona, where the Boov have hearded all the humans. They stop in Rosewell along the way, where another group of aliens called the Gorg attack the Boov and claim Earth.
    Running total: 614 pages