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Andrew F. Davis

  • April 1861

    April 1861
  • May 1861

    May 1861
  • June 1861

    June 1861
  • July 1861, part 1

    July 1861, part 1
    On July 1st they took cars and steamboats to Camp Clay which was close to Cincinnati, Idaho
    July 4th they started traveling for Virginia
    On the 5th they were in Parkersburg
    It had taken Balt and Ohio R R 7th they had arrived in Clarksburg
    On the 8th they started on their first march
    They arrived in Buckhannon on the 9th
    On the 11th they started for the rich mountain to have a fight with the rebels
  • July 1861, part 2

    July 1861, part 2
    They got there at the same time during the night but it was too late to fight
    12 passed over the battlefield and saw the carnage
    They arrived at Beverly late in the Evening
    15th followed to Huttonville yet they had gone from there
    They followed on to cheat mountain pass found out when they were too far ahead
    They went back to camp and remained there
    On July 30th removed 9 miles south of the Tigers river
    They encamped on the crouches farm
  • August/September, part 1

    August/September, part 1
    Continued fortifying and picketing and remained there from August to September 1st, 1861
    Late in the evening, they requested a searching expedition up in the valley
    During the search, they went 7 miles too dark so crawled into the bush
    Ate the crackers and lay down without blankets
    On September 2nd at 4 in the morning, they were cold and nearly froze
    They started upon the valley in search of Secesh
    Found a dead body in a drift pile nearly decayed
  • August/September, part 2

    August/September, part 2
    Started for their camp return 11 miles before breakfast
    Their company ordered on post-haste on advance picket up
    They started South before they ate
    The Searches were allowed to appropriate freely
    There was 1 house with 7 women, no men
    was called early to take 6 men and reconnoiter and old turnpike to Tigers valley and see if the enemy was making advances
    Their captain went to Indiana in the morning
    killed 12 men of the secesh army
    killed 12 men of the secesh army
    men were wounded in the leg
  • January 1862

    January 1862
    He selected Lieut Patterson for the new captain during the election
    Received orders to be ready to march at 8 in the morning
    They marched 12 miles and encamped
    The country isn't good because the soil is thin and the county is rolling
  • February 1862, part 1

    February 1862, part 1
    February 11th, it snowing
    The officers moved camp to the bluff riverbank
    The enemy pickets can be seen on the other side of the river
    They believe the war is going to begin soon
    He is the officer of the guard
    They were consequently ordered down to Munfordville
    They encamped at a place called twin springs
    February 21
    Marched 5 miles bringing them to Munfordville
    Encamped on a camping ground called camp Wood
  • February 1862, part 2

    February 1862, part 2
    battlefield where Col Willick and his brave dutch Hoosiers so immortalized themselves by repulsing and routing 4 times
    people on their side that were killed was 13
    national salute in honor of the birthday in Washington
    extremely reprimanded, he did not use more violence to a drunken private who he gagged until blood was running down both sides of his mouth
    moving to Nashville in the morning
  • March 1862, Part 1

    March 1862, Part 1
    On March 1st they marched to the river and got there at dark
    Their teams did not get over their injured Patoon bridge therefore they slept in unoccupied houses for the night
    They have mounted a great many heavy cannons
    They repaired the bridge to continue letting their teams cross
    The supplies are getting low and the boys are beginning to get troublesome as an outcome
    Making their way to Nashville
    Encamped 2 miles of Tennese
  • April 1862,

    April 1862,
    They are 7 miles from the South of Franklin, which is muddy, farms are big well as the ownership of slaves
    He has 3 daughters
    They received their pay, he received $212.50
    He is 44 miles south of Nashville
    They will soon be in Alabama
    They may have a battle in their region soon
    There was a battle raging somewhere on the Tennesse River
    At night they were ordered to take 3 days of ration and bread
    By 1 o'clock they were landed and formed a line of battle
  • May 1862

    May 1862
    The rebels continued the attack with 75,000 men on Gen Grants division which was near 50,000 strong
    When they arrived the enemy was in full retreat
    They got close enough to the rebels and got 4 of their own men wounded
    They captured 40 of their men as prisoners
    They are preparing to march in 7 days without rations or their luggage
    The men have diarrhea and many will not be able to march
    Battle of Shiloh
    Their lines were in 4 miles of their enemy
    forces are officially 3 miles of Corinth
  • June 1862

    June 1862
    Corinth is evacuated by the rebels
    The great battle of Corinth has now been played, for their victory, they only had a few old tents, the ashes of a considerable provision, ammunition arms which they destroyed early this morning
    They usually have to drink the same water that they cook with
    They are more than likely going to move because where they were there was swarms of insects and vermin
    His wife has an affliction in her eyes and head
    sick all night and was in an ambulance unable to march
  • July 1862

    July 1862
    They now have alot of food because they bought from the slaves
    There was a cotton and gin plantation
    Many slaves but none ever go to them to take them away
    The slaves in Kentucky and Tennesee were well fed, fully clothed, and in most cases they were intelligent
    The slaves where they were greasy raged indolent and ignorant
    They pressed 20 slaves into their service
  • August 1862

    August 1862
    Traveled to Manchester
    Upset about the slow enlisting and wanting some change in policy
    Soldiers in the company would appreciate dark shirts and socks
    Need blue pants, pants
    Left Tullahoma Aug 13 to Manchester to Vervilla Aug 15- all of Wagner's brigade there
    The battery of 6 guns
    2 days before R.R communication between Louisville and Nashville cut off by rebels
    Proceeded onto the village of automount 16 miles from Vervilla Camp, no rebels found and arrested 15-20 men in whiskey shop
  • September 1862

    September 1862
    Marched alot, blistered, socks are holey
    Buell and Brogg racing to see who would get to Louisville first
    1 Sep rebels started from Pikesville Tenn
    3 Sep Buells army started from Mickminville to Murfeesborough, Nashville and to bowling Green
    Rebels arrived at Glasgow descended onto Munfordville and captured forces
    Buell consolidated forces at Bowling Green and attacked the town of Munfordville but only near guard of rebels units was there to oppose them
  • October 1862

    October 1862
    1 Oct squirmish with rebels calvary 10 miles from Louisville
    Rebels army expected to be taking a stand at Danville
    Cannon was within 3 miles of Pennysville, formed a battle line, and a mile out and fired enemy artillery ½ ahead - skirmishers
    Battle 1 mile left to the village of Perryville
    rebel calvary Harrodsburg, took 1400 prisoners, 500 who were wounded at Perrysville
    17 Oct marched to Cumberland Gap and stopped 3 miles of Wild Cat battlefield where rebels had taken a temporary stand
  • January 1863

    January 1863
    John Webb is severely wounded in the head and breast by a cut-down tree
    September to December pay was due
    Mogan cut off supplies, starving them
  • February 1863

    February 1863
    They captured more or less of their infantry
    Thought this was nothing more than an abolition war made for speculation
    Thought North West was going to Secede and start a confederacy of their own
    About 10 000 men were at work there
    Roads are in extremely bad condition
  • March 1863

    March 1863
    Complaining about not getting paid for service
    Forces were whipped at Vickburg
    None from their Reigt was in hospital
    Brigade doesn't work in trenches anymore
    Ebels had driven them back, finding 41 men, 5 officers dead and 138 wounded and then about 50 prisoners
    Now getting shelter tents
    Capt. McKinney is sick and under the weather
    They will let him go home in June 1864
  • April 1863

    April 1863
    Antinous for the rebels to call on them there
    They are stationed on Stewarts Cree
    General Commotion in all the different departments of the army
  • June 1863

    June 1863
    No way to get out of the service even by doing something contrary to orders or being gracefully dismissed
    There was a man hung near their camp for murder
  • July 1863

    July 1863
    Has already taken 5000 prisoners and hundreds were going and surrendering every day
    Is after an army of 100 000 or more and has occupied and marched over it for over 18 months.
  • August 1863

    August 1863
    Pile is having his leg amputated
    In the Sequoia Valley, a city in Chattooga
    Can see part of the rebel fortifications
  • September 1863

    September 1863
    In front of them lies the state of Georgia
    The left side is North Carolina
    The right is Alabama
    There was a hard battle fought about 5-12 miles from where they were
    It was the worst on the American Continent of that time
    Lost alot of Artillery
    Hundreds of both sides were killed and many were wounded
  • October 1863

    October 1863
    The wounded was sent to hospitals north like Stephenson and Nashville
    His letters end abruptly
    Suspected death
  • Andrew F. Davis Dies

    Andrew F. Davis Dies
    His letters end abruptly without finishing his sentence.
    Suspected death