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French Regime Timeline

  • Period: Jan 1, 1535 to

    French Regime

    The French started taking over the Native territory to make money.
  • First Intendant of New France

    First Intendant of New France
    Jean Talon was the frist intendant of New France. He made changes to help increase the population of New France. After his procedures, the population went from 3,000 ppl to 70,000 ppl.
  • Royal Government

    Royal Government
    Under the old system the companies who held a monopoly were almost destroying New France. The king ended the monopoly and placed New France under the Minister of Marine who at the time was Jean-Baptiste Colbert. He and Louis decided to implement Royal Government in 1663.
  • The First Intercolonial War

    The First Intercolonial War
    Ends with the Treaty of Ryswick.
  • The Second Intercolonial War

    The Second Intercolonial War
    Ends with the Treaty of Utrecht.
  • The Third Intercolonial War

    The Third Intercolonial War
    Ends with the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle.
  • Period: to

    The Fourth Intercolonial War (a.k.a. the 7 years war)

    Battle on the Plains of Abraham, Wolf (Eng.) vs. Montcalm (Fr.) both Generals died, English win, Quebec falls. Any remaining French troops retreat to Montreal, where the will shortly give up. The fighting will continue in Europe for another 3 yrs. The Conflict Overall: New France never stood a chance at defeating the 13 colonies. Britain had more sea power, and could easily sent troops/supplies. France was focused on the war in Europe.
  • Les Canadiens

    Les Canadiens
    In New France the people were very autonomous and by 1760 grew to become a distinct set of people called Canadien.
  • Articles of Capitulation

    Articles of Capitulation
    The French Militia could return home, no one would lose their property, the French Regular military would lay down their arms and leave.The people could practice the R.C. religion, but the Bishop would have to leave and the people who stayed would become British Subjects.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The 7 years war ends. All the Territory known as New France is given to the King of England except two small Islands, (St.Pierre, Miquelon).
  • Royal Proclamation (to help assimilate the French in Quebec)

    Royal Proclamation (to help assimilate the French in Quebec)
    It gives the King’s new colony a name, The Province of Quebec.It decreases the borders to just around the St-Lawrence river valley. (The rest would be known as Indian Territory)Puts in place a civilian Government to run the new Colony: The King appointed a Governor who then appointed members of an Executive Council to advise him. English Criminal and Civil laws were applied. Unused land would be divided by the Township System. No new Bishop would be allowed nor Roman Catholics.