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French and Indian war

  • Fort Necessity and the Battle of Great Meadows

    Fort Necessity and the Battle of Great Meadows
    In the battle of Great Meadows, Captain Louis Coulon de Villers including 700 men took the win against the British, Captain Lieutenant Colonel George Washington, and Captain James Mckay including 393 men took the loss.
  • Battle of the Monongahela

    Battle of the Monongahela
    The French, Captain Lienard de Beaujeu, and Captain Jean-Daniel Pumas and his 891 men took a hard defeat, making the British, Major General Edward Braddock and his 1,300 men the winners.
  • Battle of lake George

    Battle of lake George
    British leader, Sir William Johnson and his 1,500 men and 200 Mohawk indians took their 2nd win of the battle, while French leader jean Erdman, and Baron Dieskau plus their 1,500 men took another defeat.
  • Siege of Fort William Henry

    Siege of Fort William Henry
    British 3rd win with Lieutenant Colonel George Monro and his 2,500 men defeated the French, Marquis de Montcalm and his approximately 8,000 men,
  • Siege of Louisbourg

    Siege of Louisbourg
    French with their 4th loss, Chevalier de Dufour plus his 3,500 men, 3,500 sailors/marines, and 5 warships, and British with their 4th win, Major General Jeffrey Amherst, and Admiral Edward Boscawen Brigadier, General James Wolfe, and his 14,000 men, 12,000 sailors/marines, and 40 warships.
  • Battle of Carillon

    Battle of Carillon
    The outcome of the battle was a victory for the French, Chevalier de Levis and 3,600 men, a surprising loss for the British, Major general James Abercrombie, and Brigadier-General Lord George Howe with his 15-16,000 men.
  • The battle of Fort Niagara

    The battle of Fort Niagara
    After the lose for the British they came back with a fight, Brigadier General John Pridaux, and Sir William Johnson with his 3,945 men won against the French, Captain Pierre Pouchot and his 486 men.
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    Ending the war with a bang the British won, Major General James Wolfe and his troops, 4,400 engadged, 8,000 around Quebec , and the loss for the French, Marquis de Montcalm and his troops 4,500 engadged, 3,500 in Quebec.