• Civil War Begins

  • Civil War Ends

  • 13th Amendment takes effect.

    Permanently abolishes slavery in the United States. 13th Amendment
  • "Free" by Emma Marie Cadwalader-Guild

    "Free" by Emma Marie Cadwalader-Guild
  • Sherman Riot of 1930

    The Sherman Riot is an example of extreme racisim in the United States. The lynching of George Hughes - a man accused of assaulting a white man's wife - is a well known factor of the riot.
  • "Negros Colgados " by Jose Orozco

    Otherwise known as "The Hanged Negroes"; inspired by the lynching of George Hughes
  • Harriet Tubman begins helping fugitive slaves

  • "Harriet" by Elizabeth Catlett

    "Harriet" by Elizabeth Catlett