Friedrich engels portrait (cropped)

Frederick Engels

  • Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
    Friedrich Engels was born in Barmen, Prussia to a wealthy Christian family.
  • New Opportunities

    New Opportunities
    Around the age of 18-21, Friedrich Engels was taken out of school to learn the family business with his father. Being the son to a father who owned his own textile mill has its perks.
  • Becoming a man

    Working at the familty mill, Friedrich was able to branch out and participate in a wide variety of hobbies. He became well versed in horse back riding, swimming, and fencing.
  • The Beginning of a Philosopher

    The Beginning of a Philosopher
    Friedrich also had a thirst for knowledge and soon became obsessed with philosophy. Embracing G. W. F. Hegel and the "young Hegelians", Friedrich soon became contentious and questioned everything.
  • A New Man

    A New Man
    Friedrich Engels adopted the new name of Friedrich Oswald when publishing his new ideology. He continued writing up through his enlistment in the Prussian military in an artillery regiment. Through his military career, Engels was able to become a member of the Young Helgian of the Free, a philosophy group.
  • Friendships formed

    While in the Young Helgian group, Engels would meet Karl Marx and Moses Hess. These three would discuss communism and the backward way of their current society.
  • The German Ideology

    The German Ideology
    Engels and Marx start their writing of the evils of private property and how the rich manipulated and exploited the poor. The two would eventually go to Paris, where they would write their first major article called "The German Ideology"
  • The 'Justice' League

    The 'Justice' League
    The League of the Just merges with the Communist Correspondence Committee, creating the Communist League. This would become the base group of Communists that Engels and Marx would use to spread Communist propaganda and persuade the common folk to revolt against their oppressors.
  • Sparks of Revolution

    Sparks of Revolution
    Using the newspapers, Engels and Marx would mass-produce propaganda for the people. Entering into the year of 1848, most of Europe underwent political revolutions of toppling their monarchy. Attempting to use this as a way to gain control, Engels and the other communists underwent their attempt at power. For more info on the Revolutions watch:
  • End of the Line

    End of the Line
    After the failed Revolutions, Marx and Engels spent the majority of their later days out of the public eye. Marx spent the rest of his days writing and Engels worked at his textile mill in order to provide the monetary resources needed for the duo. Engels would pass on Aug 5, 1895