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Frederick Douglass

  • Douglass was Born

    Frederick Douglas was suspected to be born in 1818 in February. No one knoew the exact date. His birth name is Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey
  • Period: to

    Frederick Douglass Life

  • Moved Plantations

    Moved Plantations
    Douglass was sent to live with Hugh Auld (a ship carpenter) for the year. He lived in Baltimore, Maryland. He learned to read and write. There he heard the words abolition and abolitionists for the very first time.
  • Mother Died

    Douglass' mother, Harriet Bailey, died. His mother worked on a different plantation than he did (raised by his grandparents). He only knew that his father was white. It was suspected that his father might've been his owner but no one know for sure
  • Moved to the Slavebreaker

    Moved to the Slavebreaker
    Frederick moved back into the country to live with Edward Covey. Covey was known as the "slave breaker" because he would severely whip the slaves. He broke their souls and their spirits.
  • For Freedom

    The new year was coming up for Douglass. With new years, comes new resolutions. Frederick's resolution was to atleast try and break free.
  • Caught

    Frederick's plan to break free spreaded. When it reached to everyone about his plan, he was put in jail. His attempt to break from slavery didn't happen.
  • Freedom

    Douglass had an oppourtunity to break free. He was living in Baltimore at the time. He was at a ship yard and he broke free. When he arrived the next day, he legally changed his name to Frederick Douglass so no one would try to turn him in.
  • The Liberator

    The Liberator
    Frederick Douglass subscribed to The Liberator. The Liberator was a weekly journal of William Lloyd Garrison. Frederick saw William speak. He saw Garrison speak at the Bristol Anti-Slavery Society which was an annual event.
  • First Book Published

    First Book Published
    Douglass published a book this year. The book was called the "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Written By Himself" which was an autobiography of his life. He left the US and went to England to escape being captured. There he went on tours.
  • The North Star

    The North Star
    After 3 years of being in England, Douglass went back into the US. He moved to Rochester, New York. Douglass then wrote his newspaper "The North Star". It was 4 pages and it came out weekly.
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    Civil War broke out in the US. The North and South were fighting about slavery. The North was anti-slavery. The South was pro-slavery,
  • Meet with Lincoln

    Lincoln and Douglass met at Washing D.C. Lincoln feared that the North was going to loose. He met with Douglass so that if they did loose, he can help escape slaves to the North.
  • Civil War Ends

    The Civil War ened with the North wining. Another ademendment (the 13th admendment) was added to the Constitution. The 13th ademendment said that slavery was now illegal in the United States.
  • Women's Rights

    After the war was over, Douglass spent the rest of his life supporting Women's Rights. He spent the rest of his life supporting Women's Rights.
  • Death

    Douglass went to D.C. to speak. He spoke for National Council of Women. A couple hours after speaking he was pronounced dead, Doctors said he died of heart failure.