Frederick Varley

  • Born

    Frederick was born in Sheffield, England
  • Period: to

    Frederick Varley

  • Immigrated to Canada

    He immigrated to Canada in 1912 on the advice of another Sheffield native. In the same year he first exhibited his paintings at the Canadian National Exhibition
  • Lismer meeting up with Varley

    In 1912, Lismer once again met up with Varley - who this time was depressed and struggling to support his family
  • Participated in the Canadian War Memorials fund art program

    He participated in the Canadian War Memorials Fund art program in 1918
  • Elected

    He was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy in 1921
  • Joined teaching the Ontario College of Art

    In 1925 Varley accepted a full-time teaching position with the Ontario College of Art,
  • Became an instructor of the Vancover School of Decorative and Applied Arts

    In 1926 he became an instructor of drawing and painting at the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts.
  • Won arts competition

    He won the Willingdon Arts Competition Award in 1930
  • He immigrated to Toronto from Vancover

    By 1936 Vancouver was no longer a viable home for Varley. The independent art school he had co-founded had failed financially and his marriage had ended. He returned to central Canada, where he hoped to re-establish himself as a teacher and portraitis
  • First cultural exchange

    In 1954, along with a handful of artists including Eric Aldwinckle, he visited the Soviet Union on the first cultural exchange of the Cold War.
  • Death

    January 2, 1881 – September 8, 1969 he died in Toronto, Ontairio, Canada