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Fracoist spain and transition to democry

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    Francoist Spain

    Francoism was the name given to the authoritariaj regime imposed by General Francisco Franco in Spain between the end of the civil war in 1939 with the win of the nationalist band, and his death in 1975.
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    Foreign policy: International isolation

    The Alied countries blocked Spain from participation in the UN because it was a dictatorship. Spain was alslo excluded from Marshall Plan for the same reason. The UN imposed an economic and diplomatic embargo on Spain as well.
    This explain the self-sufficient economy during the 1940s ans 1950s, the food shortages make the state to interven in the economy by introducing rationing of basic goods, also it control the stae monopolies such as Telefonica or Renfe.
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    Foreign policy: International integration

    Western-Bloc countries became more favourable towards the regime, because the of the Cold War: they appreciated Franco's anti communism and also reconigsed Spain's stategic geographical position. This explain the economic development between 1939-1975, when the regime began more technocratic, end with the self-sufficient mesures, promote the development of a market economy and increase in production. Foreign currency of Spanish emigrants or the tourist that came to coast as foreign investment.
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    Terrorism of ETA

    ETA (Euskady y Libertad): this terrorist group called for Basque independence. Since its creation in 1986 ETA has murdered 829 people. On october 2011 ETA officaly renounced the armed struggle.
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    Transition to democracy

    Was a process that began with the death of General Franco in 1975. Juan Carlos de Borbón was proclaimed King of Spain, and the dictatorship was dimantled and replaced by a democratic system.
    Juan Carlos declare the Francoist Carlos Arias Navrro prime minister, he was unable ro carryb the necessary reforms to end dictartoship, after lots of protest he resigned and after a short goverment of Adolfo Suárez finally the first democratic elections were held.
  • Death of Francisco Franco

    Death of Francisco Franco
    Leading the transition to democracy.
  • Procalmation of Juan Carlos de Borbón king of Spain.

    Procalmation of Juan Carlos de Borbón king of Spain.
    Procalimed by the Francoist Cortes. He also became head of state. He chosed Adolfo Suárez as prime Minister after Nvarro's resignation in 1976.
  • First democratic elections

    First democratic elections
    Which were won by the Unión de Centro Democrático (UCD) of Adolfo Suárez. This goverment introduced a policy of consensus and the Moncloa Pact.
  • Contistution of 1978

    Still in force today, was written by the democratic goverment of Adolfo Suárez.
    -Is a constitutional monarchy
    -Monarchy head of state
    -Includes a detailed declaration of rights, to work, to participate in politics, equality, and freedom ideas and expression.
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    Democracy to the present

    From 1979 to the present, Spain has experienced the longest period of democracy in history. Today, Spain is a modern develop country with the same advantages and problems as the other democratic countries that surrond it.
  • Military coup of Antonio Tejero.

    Military coup of Antonio Tejero.
    A military coup was attemped when a group of civil guards lead by Antonio Tejero enetered the Congress of Deputies and took the deputies hostage. The coup failed because the institutions and the monarch didn't support it.
  • Entance in the NATO

    International defence organistaion of the Western bloc
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    Felipe González goverment

  • Treaty of Accession

    The following year became and official year became an official member of the EEC
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    Participation in the Gulf War

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    José María Aznar goverment

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    José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero goverement

  • 11-M

    Al-Qaeda is an international Islamic terrorist organisation that in Spain carried out an attack on regional rail network in Madrid on 11 March 2004, killing 180 people. The attack was a reprisal for Spain's support of the United States during 2003 Iraq War.
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    Mariano Rajoy goverement

  • Juan Carlos I's abdication, his son proclaimed Felipe VI

    Juan Carlos I's abdication, his son proclaimed Felipe VI
  • Motion of censure of Rajoy goverment

    By the PSOE leader Pedro Sanchéz, after that many election were held until PSOE allied with Podemos and formed a goverment that still today in 2021.
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    Coronavirus Crisis