Formative Years 1830-1870’s

Timeline created by Rjones
  • St John’s (Tasmania)

    St John’s (Tasmania) was built in Launceston and is the oldest church in the city having started construction in 1824.
  • Caroline Chisholm Arrives

  • Caroline Chisholm (1831-1877)

    Caroline Chisholm is know for improving conditions on board the ships. As well as arranged so that family members could go free of charge to reunite with their family. She’s also know for supporting immigrant female and family welfare in Australia.
  • Mary Reiby

    After the death of her husband Mary Reiby became successful businessman woman became rich and built a cottage in 1836
  • Church Acts

    The Church Acts happened in 1836. The act was approved by the Colonial Office in 1836 and passed by the NSW Legislative Council in July of that year. The act was to provide funding to Catholic Church.
  • Sisters of charity

    In 1836 the sister of charity came to Australia from Ireland. With intensions to care for the poor and vulnerable in the newly established colony.
  • St Francis’ Church (Victoria)

    St Francis’ Church (Victoria) was founded in 1841 and was completed in 1845
  • Christian Brothers

    The Christian brothers arrived in Australia in 1843. With intensions to establish schools and institutions with an educational mission in Australia.
  • St John’s Pro Cathedral (West Aust)

    St John’s Pro Cathedral (West Aust) was built in 1848. It is the earliest Roman Catholic church building in Western Australia.
  • Old St Stephen’s Church (Queensland)

    Old St Stephen’s Church (Queensland) Was built from 1849 to 1850.
  • Gold Rushes

    Gold Rushes started in 1851 after flecks of gold were found in a waterhole near Bathurst, New South Wales
  • Society of St Vincent de Paul

    The Society of St Vincent de Paul was founded in 1854 after witnessing the plight of people following the discovery of gold in Victoria.
  • Good Samaritan Sisters

    The Good Samaritan sisters was founded on the 2nd of February 1857. Their mission was to help establish education for children
  • Sisters of Mercy,

    The sister of mercy arrived in Australia in 1861, and immediately started providing education to the struggling community of Irish immigrants
  • Presentation Sisters

    The Presentation Sisters arrived in Australia in 1866. With intensions to reach out to poor families through education
  • Establishment of the Sisters of St Joseph

    The Sisters of St Joseph was originally founded in Australia in 1866 by sister Mary MacKillop. They ran a number of children's homes in New South Wales as well as Catholic schools.
  • Fr Julian Tenison Woods,

    Fr Julian Tenison Woods arrived in Tasmania in 1885.
    Julian was a gifted missionary priest, scientist, writer, musician and popular lecturer.
  • St Patrick’s (South Aust)

    St Patrick’s (South Aust) was built in 1914 as a replacement for the original
  • Mary MacKillop First Saint

    Mary MacKillop was Australia’s first saint and was properly declared beatified in January 1995