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In Film
  • 1990: Sherlock Holmes Baffed

    its about a detective named sherlock holmes . there was no audio or talking in the flim it was pictures basically . but i think he had to find out who the murderer was
  • 1910: Frankenstein

    this was a horror movie in the 1910 it was a american short movie. i think this movie was based off the book written before it and they made it live action . you can go on youtube today and watch it actually
  • 1920: Nosferatu

    now i think after the frankenstein movie alot more horror movies came out like this one . it was also a silent horror flim . i never seen it befor but when i searched it up i knew what movie it was . i seen it all over in our decade
  • 1930: Wizard of Oz

    now everyone knows this movie and the plot so i don't think i would have to go into detail on whats it about , but so i don't fail this assignment this movie was about a girl who got sent the land of oz and she finds friends along the way to help her get home.
  • 1940: Gilda

    now these type of movies like gilda starting showing up alot more with featuring a female as the lead roll. mostly because of the influance of marylin monroe at the time. this move is based in a casino and a man cheating.
  • 1950: Cinderella

    now this was my favorite disney movie growing up and in this decade walt disney was making so many character and princesses during this era . a lot more disney movies were made after cinderella.
  • 1960: Ocean 11

    now this movie was remade a couple of times because a lot of people liked it and it was also a good movie. in 2019 it got remade a and i went to go to see it but i didnt really understand the plot or the movie i just sat there . but it was pretty good.
  • 1970: The Aristocats

    this was another disney movie i liked while growing up , it was very interesting and fun and very entertaining to watch as a child . now that im 17 i would watch it again to be honest .
  • 1980: The shining

    now this movie is an very iconic movie along with the other horror movies starring a killer for example : friday the 13th , scream , the nightmare on elm street. this was the start of many famous and well known killers of this decade.
  • 1990: Edward Scissorhands

    now i did'nt really ever watched this movie but my aunt and my mom loved this movie usually itll be on tv whenever their in the living room . but this movie seemed to make an impact because of its weird story line.
  • 2000: Bring it on

    now this was a another very iconic movie made in this decade that soon later on still be refrenced a lot in another decade . for exampleple ariana grande music video thank you , next . she used uniforms and cheerleaders look a likes from the movie itself and also there was very many halloween costumes based on this movie also.
  • 2010: Percy Jackson

    i personally put this movie in here because i loved the movies and series about this . its based on greek mythology and a boy who half demi-god and lives in camp halfblood . a lot of us gen z kids grew up with these kind of movies and read about this in school also for an assignment so therefore i have much more relation and knowledge to what i grew up with and seen.