First Semester - American Literature Time Line

By simsimi
  • Period: Feb 13, 1500 to

    Early America

  • Feb 14, 1500

    How the world was made

  • Feb 14, 1500

    The Sky Tree

  • The Sacred Earth and the Power of Storytelling

  • The Crucible

  • Treaty of Agusta

    The Britsh & the Cherokee had been trading partners through the 1700's but both fell into debt. in 1773 the Cherokee and were being forced to
  • The Industrial Revolution

  • Kinship With Nature

  • Sinners in the hand of an angry God

  • Assimilation

  • Optimism and Individuallism

  • Period: to

    American Romanticism

  • The Age of Reform

  • Trail of Tears

  • Abrham Lincoln was elected and voted agaisnt abolishing slavery

  • Period: to

    The Civil War Era

  • Native American Mythology

  • Autobiography of Frederick Douglass

  • Emily Dickinson writes more than 800 poems

  • Abraham Lincoln was nominated for President

  • The Gettysburg Address

  • Congress passed the Civil Rights and then the 14th Amendment

  • Period: to

    Regionalism and Realism

  • The Story of an Hour

  • Kate Chopin's The Awakeening is published