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Fine Art from 1900-Present

  • The Garden in Flower

    The Garden in Flower
    This artist work of art, painted by the renowned painter Claude Monet is a representation of fine art in the 1900s. This art signifies a change for the future of artistic creation and was one of Monet's last works of art before his death in 1926.
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    Examples of Fine Art from 1900-Present

    Examples of Fine Art spanning 1900-Present
  • The Fourth Estate

    The Fourth Estate
    This oil on poplar photo by renowned artist Guiseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, represents a strike of workers and is representative of social life at that time in the divisionist style. An iconic photo of the 20th century, the beauty of this photo rests in the feelings that it emotes and the detail in which this work of art was produced.
  • The House of Mirth

    The House of Mirth
    Authored by renowned writer Edith Wharton, this novel chronicles the life of socialite Lily Bart and her experience navigating the life of the rich and privileged in the aristocracy of New York City in the 1800s. This novel is representative of a time and style of life imperative to the fabric of American history.
  • Violin and Pitcher

    Violin and Pitcher
    Painted by famed artist Georges Braque, this abstract piece of art is a combination of visual elements seen and unseen to the human eye. What makes this piece so unique is that its expression is a look inside the mind and psyche of its creator.
  • Castle Drogo

    Castle Drogo
    Castle Drogo, the last castle to be built and constructed in England is built entirely out of granite. The land was purchased and refined by English business owner Julius Drewe, whom had the castle built as his place of residence. Finished in 1930, this castle is believed to be the last private house in all of England and is now a historic landmark under the ownership of the National Trust of the United Kingdom.
  • Hands and Breasts: Alfred Stieglitz; Georgia O'Keefe

    Hands and Breasts: Alfred Stieglitz; Georgia O'Keefe
    This visually appealing photo constitutes as fine art as it portrays the artist's vision. In this case Alfred Stieglitz set out to express the beauty of the female body in its true feminine nature through the usage of his lens.
  • Abraham Lincoln Memorial Statue

    Abraham Lincoln Memorial Statue
    Sculpted by Daniel Chester French in 1920, this sculpture of former President Lincoln sits on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. This sculpture is a memorial in honor of a man who enompassed the ideals of the American people. For his work and accomplishments this honor stands as a constant reminder.
  • Christ the Redeemer

    Christ the Redeemer
    This iconic statue situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is considered the largest art deco statue in the world and the 5th largest statue of Jesus in the world. Constructed out of soapstone on its outer layers, Christ the Redeemer is situated atop the peak of the Corcovado Mountain and remains a universal symbol of christianity.
  • Einstein Tower

    Einstein Tower
    This work of architectural beauty, erected as an astrophysical observatory, serves as a representation of Albert Einstein's world renowned science park in Potsdam, Germany. Built in 1924 by Erich Mendelsohn, it houses a solar telescope in addition to its eye catching grandeur.
  • Rhapsody in Blue

    Rhapsody in Blue
    This composition was created by George Gershwin, an American composer and pianist. The aesthetic beauty that lies within this composition cannot be denied. A combination of classical and jazz elements makes this piece unique in the realm of musical fine art.
  • The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby
    Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this novel has become an American icon. In the era of the 1920s, economic prosperity was abound and the historical context of this novel brings a sense of aestheitc nostalgia, never to be forgotten. To this modern day this novel has taken its place in the curriculum of secondary education, speaking to its legacy and timelessness.
  • American Gothic

    American Gothic
    Painted by American painter Grant Wood who had formal European training, this piece is representative of an integral part in American history. This iconic portrait is a symbol of the American lifestyle during the early 20th century. Painted in oil on beaverboard, this would become known as Wood's greatest piece.
  • Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday

    Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday
    Written by Abel Meeropol, this song was performed by one of the most recognized blues singers in history. Strange Fruit is a depiction through song of the struggles of race relations in America during the early 1930s, exposing racism to its core. This song has become an iconic representation of the America of yesterday.
  • The Wizard of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz
    This musical fantasy adventure, known as America's greatest and best-loved fairytale has transcended generations. Its musical and visual grandeur has maintained universal appeal making it a classic MGM production for the ages.
  • Victory Over Japan Day (V-J Day)

    Victory Over Japan Day (V-J Day)
    This picture published in Life Magazine, in all of its pure beauty emotes a feeling of pride and love. A lone sailor and a nurse embrace passionately upon celebration of America's victory over Japan. Taken in Times Square in New York City, this picture serves as an iconic poster of a time in history that shall never be forgotten.
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Choreographed by George Balanchine, this representation of fine art was premiered at the New York City Ballet in 1962. A compilation of musical compositions and elegantly choreographed movements, America was introduced to a new age adaption of William Shakespeare's revered play.
  • Andy Warhol Self Portrait

    Andy Warhol Self Portrait
    Recognized as the most iconic image in American pop art, this self portrait of Andy Warhol is the face of an era and of a movement. From the color to the 3-D imagery, this updated version encompasses characteristics of artistic creation at its core.
  • Black Power Salute

    Black Power Salute
    During the Summer Olympics of 1968, track athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos proceeded to the podium with their medals and raised their fists in triumph. This silent protest of solidarity served to honor those in poverty, those who were murdered and was a stand for human rights. This iconic photo shows a voice and the power, beauty, and reverence in silence.
  • Philadelphia "LOVE" Sculpture

    Philadelphia "LOVE" Sculpture
    Erected in 1976 at Love Park (JFK Plaza) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this sculpture is representative of iconic pop art of the 20th century. Originally created by Robert Indiana to show support for the hippie free love era, the overall message of love is beautiful in itself.
  • Michael Jackson Thriller Album

    Michael Jackson Thriller Album
    Currently the best-selling album of all time, Michael Jackson's Thriller was unlike any other album before it. This album broke down racial barriers in the pop music era and was one of the first to utilize music videos as promotional tools and as art, thus personifying the power and beauty of music.
  • Lotus Temple- Baha'i House of Worship

    Lotus Temple- Baha'i House of Worship
    Located in New Delhi, India, this work of architectural genius is a place of worship and steeped in tradition. Erected in 1986, the Lotus Temple has remained a representation of Indian culture and is recognized throughout the world for its impeccable beauty.
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall

    Walt Disney Concert Hall
    Designed by Frank Gehry, this concert hall located in Los Angeles, CA is a part of the modern era of American architecture. Named in honor of the great Walt Disney, this building is the fourth musical hall of the Los Angeles Music Center.
  • World Trade Center Memorial

    World Trade Center Memorial
    This memorial serves as a commemoration of the lives lost in one of the greatest tragedies in American History. Created to embody the beauty and sense of American pride, this memorial has been erected as a museum in the spot where the World Trade Center towers once stood as a preservation of memory.