Fatou's Child Labor Law Timeline

  • Child Labor Publications

    Child Labor Publications
    John Spargo writes a book called "The Bitter Cry of Children", the book exposes child labour's conditions. It is the most read child labor exposes in America at the time. It showed many people the awful truth about child labor.
  • The first child labor bill

    The first child labor bill
    In 1906, a bill, the first bill to regulate child labor was proposed by Senator Albert J. Beveridge. This opened the eyes of many people to the ability to passing laws to regulate and even stop child labor. This law, however was not in the range of power of Congress to pass.
  • The First Bill Passed

    The First Bill Passed
    In 1916 the Keating-Owens Act was passed, the law establishes conditions such as: workers in mines must be 16 years of age or older, workers in manufacturing factories must be 14 years of age or older, and all children working must have documented proof to show they are the minimum age or older. This actually helped reduce child labor in America by 50%.
  • The Second Billed Passed

    The Second Billed Passed
    During December in 1918 the first part of the Revenue Act of 1918 also known as Child Labor Tax Law was passed. In took a more legal route to regulating and ebolishing child labor, by doing it through tax collection.
  • Constitutional Amendment Proposal

    Constitutional Amendment Proposal
    A bill was proposed, it is not known by who, as a constitutional amendment to regulate child labor. Even though it wasn't passed, it inspired people to find ways to stop child labor through the Constitution.
  • It's Finished there's no more child labor. Or is there?

    It's Finished there's no more child labor. Or is there?
    People think child labor is a thing of the past but that's not true. Child labor is almost everywhere, and it should be nowhere. So we should stop child labor in every country, so child labor can be, a thing of the past.