Farming Boom

  • Land Acts

    A series of Acts were passed so that land that belonged to the public would become private land property for independent farmers who coud improve the land. The Homestead Act stated that any citizen coould select surveyed land up to 160 acres and then own it after living there for 5 years. Pacific Railway Act gave land to railroad companies to join the eat and west coasts. The Morrill Act granted 17 million acres of federal land to the states.
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture was created in 1862 to help new farmers. This organization sought out different types of wheats that were best suited for the great plains. They began teaching dry-farming and other farming techniques.
  • Period: to

    Western Environments and Farming

    Supplies were expensive and the environment caused many issues, Water was always low and it was a very important nessessity for farming. Hispanic people developed an irrigation system and dams to control water flow. Trees were also needed but were very scarce aswell. The wood from the tress was needed for fuel and building materials. Soon settlers developed Sod Houses made from chunks of heavy top soil.
  • Period: to

    The Railroads

    Four railroads were built across the west. State and governments donated 100 million acres of additonal land. This promoted western settlements and economic growth. Homesteaders made great profit from the railroads which they used to ship their crops to markets far away.
  • Insects

    In 1870 farmers faced grasshopper investations . They destroyed and devoured everything in their path. Even the wooden farming tools got devoured. Killing them really didnt have an effect.
  • African Americans Moving West

    African Americans started to move west to get away from the discrimination and violence and persecution they faced after withdrawel of federal troops in the south.
  • Kansas Fever

    About 20,000 to 40,000 Blacks with "Kansas Fever' decided to leave the south where violence occured during the elections of 1878.
  • Chinses Farmers

    Most chinese immigrants came to the U.S, during the California Gold Rush. After that was over most chinese turned to farming. They worked as farm laborers, produce vendors and sharecroppers. Some chinese owned their own land and and farms.
  • "American Fever"

    European immigrants, Scandinavians, Irish, Danes, Nowegians, and Swedes all cought "american fever" and moved to the west, and alot of Irish and Germans who built the railroads decided to move to the great plains. Russian Mennonites moved to the plains as well. They had expirence in farming and they brought over the tumbleweed in the west.
  • Competiton For Land

    President Harrison announced available land for people to have by April 22.
  • Competition For land2

    50, 000 people gathered to race one another for the land President Harrison made available.