Family timeline

  • grandmas side

    Came frome scottland went to Kuntuky on a boat. Were called the Canutte clan came frome andora in the valleys of spain first went to tennyse then Kuntuky And finaly settled in Texas.
  • Declaration of indapendace

    One of my relatives on my grandpas side singed the declaration of indapendace!
  • Fun Fact

    Once my great great great great grandparents on my grandmas side got a land grant frome a man named Sam Austin, that came with a pice of land and the land was latter to have been discoverd oil.
  • grandma and grandpa

    both my grandpa and my grandmas side of the family migrated to California to work in the ship yars durring world war 2 Then when the war was over my great great grandpa went to idaho to raise race horses
  • Great grandma

    My great grandma came over to texas in a coverd wagon.