Extra Credit Timeline

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus landed in the New World

    Native Americans were the first to aettle in the U.S. They were followed by Leif Ericson. Then Columbus arrived.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to

    Columbian Exchange

  • Jan 1, 1564

    French Colony established at Fort Caroline

    One of the first colonies in the U.S.
  • Jamestown Colony founded

  • Tobacco was introduced to Jamestown

    Introduced by John Rolfe
  • First slaves brought over

    (African Americans)
  • Pilgrims came to America

  • City Upon A Hill

    Written by John Winthrop
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony founded

  • Slavery first recorded

  • Bacon's Declaration

    In the summer and fall
  • John Locke - A Letter Concerning Toleration

  • Salem Witch Trials start

  • Salem Witch Trials end

  • Period: to

    French and Indian War

  • Proclomation of 1763

    Forbade the colonists from passing a line drawn in the Appalachians.
  • Sugar Act

    Had to pay a tax on importing sugar or molasses
  • Stamp Act

    Stamps were required on documents and newspapers and such.
  • Quartering Act

    Forces people to house soldiers
  • Sons of LIberty founded

    Meant to fight taxation and protect the rights of colonists
  • Tea Act

    Did not impose new taxes. Was meant to get the British East India Company out of debt.
  • Virginia Convention

  • Intolerable Acts

  • Quebec Act

    Placed a permanent administration into Canada. Was known as the British North America Act.
  • Period: to

    Revolutionary War

  • Common Sense was written

    Written by Thomas Paine
  • Declaration of Independence

    Written by Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston and Thomas Jefferson
  • Articles of Confederation adopted

  • Articles of Confederation ratified

  • Virginia Statute For Religious Freedom

    Written by Thomas Jefferson. included principles for the separation of church and state. Also gave freedom to practice any religion without discrimination.
  • U.S. Constitution was signed and adopted

  • Constitution was ratified

  • FIrst Columbus Day celebration

  • Address to President Monroe

  • Indian Removal Act

  • Andrew Jackson's message to Congress - Indian Removal

  • Andrew Jackson's account of Indian Removal

  • John Burnett's account of Indian Removal

  • Period: to

    Trail of Tears

  • Enrollment Act of 1863

  • Thirteenth Amendment ratified

    Abolished slavery
  • 14th Amendment ratified

    Granted citizenship to all people born or naturlaized in the U.S.
  • Buffalo Massacre

  • Fifteenth Amendment was passed

    Granted people the right to vote regardless of race, color, or being a past servant.
  • Dawes Act approved

  • Massacre at Wounded Knee

  • Mass lynching of Italians

  • Sacco and Vanzetti were electrocuted

    They were Italians.
  • Indian Reorganization Act

  • Columbus Day became a federal holiday

  • Civil Rights Act

    It outlawed discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, or origin.
  • American Indian Movement founded

  • Citizens United vs. FEC

  • McCutcheon vs, FEC

  • Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby

  • EEOC vs. Abercrombie and Fitch

    Samantha was denied a job due to her Hijab