expantion, imperialism and progressivism

  • Period: to

    santa fe trail

  • imigration increases

    many people looking for a new life head to america.
  • national trades union formed

    federation of trade unions
  • oregon trail

    the oregon trail was a 2000 mi long wagon rought.
  • fulfillment of manifest destiny

  • texas joins the union

    texas was broght into the union.
  • social darwinism

    the idea that only the fitest survive aplies to companys also
  • Period: to

    homestead act

  • Period: to


  • railroads open to the west

  • transcontinental railroad

    the railroads were finaly able to go cost to cost.
  • standerd oil company is formed

    created by rockefeller, ws one of the most powerfull companys.
  • carneegie steal company formed

  • alexander graham bell invents the telephone

  • north american women's suffrage associationis founded

    gave women more rights like the ability to vote
  • chinese exclution act

    limited the amoutnt of chinese people that came to the US
  • brooklyn bridge compleated

    one of the largest structures, was a great acolplishment for out country
  • settlement houses

    wealfair houses for people that were to poor to aford a place to live
  • interstate commerce act

    meant to regulate the railroads
  • sherman anti trust act

    limited monopolies and cartels
  • populism

  • yellow journalism

    newspapers that did not reserch there stories
  • delome letter

    the sinking of the main made many people want to go to war with spain
  • hawaii annexed by the us

  • USS main destroyed

    the sinking of the main made many people want to go to war with spain
  • spanish american war

    many americans were enraged by the sinking of the maine even thought there was not much evidence of spains perticipation in the event
  • open door policy

  • boxxer rebelion

  • roosevelt corollary

    roosevelt wanted to be able to help "stablize" small countrys in the caribian
  • industrial workers of the world formed

  • the jungle writen by upton sinclair

  • Period: to

    gentlemen's agreement

  • naccp founded

  • assembly line invented

  • panama canal

    created so that ships could go from the pacific to the atlantic/caribian without going around south america.
  • adamson act