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Wheeler & Hall Expansion Pd.7

  • 1845

    Asa Whitney presented Congress a plan for a federal government plan to subsidise the building of a railroad from the Mississippi river to the Pacific
  • 1846

    Settlement of the Oregon boundary in 1846
  • 1848

    Accquisition of western territories from Mexico
  • 1849

    Discovery of gold in california, discovery of it increased support for the project
  • 1853

    Congress appropiated funds to servey various proposed groups
  • 1854

    Rivalry over the route was intense, Senator Stephen Douglas intorduced his Kansas-Nebraska act, wanted to win apporval for a railway from Chicago, hoping that the North and South wouldn't delay the plans
  • 1862

    During Civil War, Reoublic controlled Congress enacted legislation allowing for the construction of a trancontinental line, railroad would be built by two companies, each company recieved subsidies of 10 mile area around railroads, doubled in 1864, 30-year government loan for each track constructed.
  • 1863

    Union Pacific railroad started construction in Omaha, Nebr., Central Pacidic broke gorund at Sacramento CA.
  • 1869

    Golden spike joins the two railways, completeing the first continental railroad.
  • 1883

    3 additional lines were finished
  • 1893

    Great Nothern line completed