Evolution of the National Citizenry

  • 1000 BCE

    Native Americans

    Native Americans
    Native American people were the first to live in the states before it ever became what we know today as the United States of America.
  • Colonization of America

    Colonization of America
    Caucasian men were the first people to become 'citizens' of the United States of America a very long time for anyone else to become a full citizen of the US. After we colonized America, that's when Native Americans became discriminated against.
  • Slavery

    Slavery was a huge issue in the United States, but when Abraham Lincoln became President, he finally set all slaves free and gave them rights as human beings. However, they were still discriminated against, and that issue still occurs even today.
  • Hispanics

    In 1824, Hispanics became legal citizens in the United States. As per Naturalization Act of 1790. They were able to move to the United States and become legal citizens! They, as well as other ethnicities, are still discriminated against even today.
  • African American Men

    African American Men
    Finally, in 1863, African American men were given citizenship in the United States. Even though they are still discriminated against today, this year, they finally had the rights of any other American person living in the US.
  • Women

    This is a fantastic event. In the year 1920, women of all kinds were given citizenship. After taking care of men for years, we were finally given a voice in the United States and the opportunity to become whoever we wanted and not have men controlling us. This was a far overdue event that occurred and today women all over the world are becoming some of the most successful people in the world.
  • American Indians

    American Indians
    In the year of 1924, Indian American people became citizens of the United States. They finally got the treatment they deserved after being the first people to be living on 'American' soil.
  • Chinese

    It was not until 1943 that Chinese people were legally allowed to be citizens of the United States. In the early 1900s, we were at war with the Chinese, so it took us a while as a country to allow Chinese people to become citizens of the United States.
  • Today

    Today, in America, everyone is considered equal, which is not the case. Discrimination against many of the ethnicities named in the timeline occurs every single day. We became the melting pot because people came to America to become free and making a living for themselves and their families. The discrimination needs to stop, but at this rate, we have a far way to go until everyone in the United States is genuinely considered equal.