Basketball hoop

Evolution of the Basketball Hoop

  • The First Basketball Hoop

    The First Basketball Hoop
    The first basketball hoop was created by Dr. James Naismith in 1891. The original basket was a peach basket that had no hole with a metal rim to support. Finally the basket was put on a 10 foot pole and then players would try and score. Every time the ball went in the basket it had to be retrieved by getting a ladder to climb up and get it. This created problems with timing and scoring.
  • Backboard added

    Backboard added
    Only 2 years after the sport of basketball is invented the backboard was added to the game. Problems without the backboard caused fans to interfere with players shots and a rebound was not apart of the game . Backboards were able to improve and enhance the game to what it is today. In 1904 wooden boards became mandatory and in 1909 glass boards became more common.
  • Box on backboard added

    Box on backboard added
    The box on the backboard was added just after the innovation of the backboard. Needing a guide to shoot the basketball, a box was put on the backboard. This led to a new aspect of the game. The bank shot was now able the thrive, as long as the ball hit the square at the right angle the ball would go into the hoop. This also led to the dunk because players could see the backboard.
  • Basketball

    In 1894 the first manufactured basketball was created and made of leather. This soon was taken over by a company called Spalding that created the new and improved basketball that we know today. Throughout the years this company was able to conceal laces, maintain shape and size, and keep updating the basketball with he culture that surrounded it. Because of Spalding the game of basketball was preserved through the years.
  • Metal rim

    Metal rim
    With 10 years passing of the sport of basketball the metal rim was added to the game. The net was still closed off but the basket became more modern to what it is today. This lead to the innovation of a net instead of a basket. A metal rim gave support to the backboard and wouldn't fall over like the peach basket if a player were to dunk the basketball.
  • Net instead of a basket

    Net instead of a basket
    The net at first was a peach basket that was put on a 10 foot pole. In 1892 the first the first woven wire rims were created which led to cast iron rims in 1893. Finally in 1912 the nylon nets that are used today were created. Because of this open- ended net the game was able to move faster and have more scoring opportunities since now the game could move along.