Evolution of Health Care in the US

  • Bill for the Benefit of the Indigent Insane

    Bill for the Benefit of the Indigent Insane
    Information on the bill - This bill was proposed to take some public land and turn it into asylums for the insane, blind, deaf, and dumb. This bill waseventually vetoed by President Pierce, but set into motion the movement of health care in the US.
  • Period: to

    Health Care mostly unavailable for the general public.

    While forms of health care were around during this period, they were by no means common. Only the rich or government employees even considered such an option. This changes when Social Security comes around.
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    Great Depression

    Great Depression Statistics - While this created a new market for antidepressants, civilians found themselves without money or aid from the government. Those without jobs must rely on home remedies and unknowledgable, ill equipted doctors. With unemployment rates reaching over 20%, disconent for the rich grew, as they still received the best available care.
  • Social Security Act of 1935

    Social Security Act of 1935
    In depth look at the act - In the midst of the Great Depression, public health and moral was at an all time low. This bill put into effect a way for elderly, disabled, and the unemployed to receive government sponsored health benefits.
  • Social Security Amendments of 1965

    Social Security Amendments of 1965
    Social Security Amendments of 1965 - President Johnson puts into effect the first ever government sponsored policy for those who are poor and elderly. This only covers basic health care, and not prescription drugs. This is also the year that the goverment began to significantly support and build hospitals.
  • Consolidation Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

    Consolidation Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
    COBRA Information - This bill extends Medicaid to assist those who have recently lost their jobs, suffered tragety, or are in otherwise hard times with very limited or no income. While this helped many get back on their feet, it still refused some coverage to those with major pre-existing conditions.
  • George W. Bush Signs MMA

    George W. Bush Signs MMA
    Bill Information - The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization act was signed by George W. Bush. It further extends the coverage of Medicare to include perscriptions for those on Medicare. While only covering generic perscriptions, it is the first step in our country's history toward rejecting the private sector.
  • Obamacare Bill

    Obamacare Bill
    Obamacare Facts - This new bill forces employers and insurance companies to offer fair health care for all of their policy holders, no matter their past or current medical condition. Also gives business benefits for offering health care to employees.