Events of the womens movement

By amy1994
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    womens movement

  • First United States birth control clinic opens

    Margaret Sanger opened the first birth contol clinic in Brooklyn in 1916. It took well over thirty years for the final endorcement of the birth control. It wasnot until 1960 that it was supported by the government. Margaret was arrested when she first opened her clinic for nuisence.
  • The first woman elected into congress

    Jeannette Rankin was the first woman elected into congress. She was republican and was elected in 1916 and again in 1941. She was from Montana.
  • Women have the right to vote

    On August 26, 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution became law, and women could vote in the fall elections, including in the Presidential election.
  • FDA approves birth control pills

    The FDA (Food and drug administration) approved the birth control pills and greater reproductive freedom to American women.